So you have awakened.


Suddenly life feels like the puzzle pieces are scrambled on the floor in front of you. You try to put the puzzle pieces back together again, but for some reason, the pieces no longer fit. You feel lost, you feel disconnected, you feel that there must be more to this life…

My name is Courtney and my purpose is to support women through awakening and connecting all parts of themselves. Mind, body and soul. Supporting you to create permanent change and to transform into the legendary woman you have always been destined to be. We do this together through, Inner Work.

You may have a deep longing for wanting more in this life.

Being more. Having more. Living more. Loving more. Laughing more…yet although you long for more in your heart, your mind perhaps tells you that you are not worthy of more, you do not deserve more and that you should just be grateful for where you are and what you have.

Or, perhaps you just want to experience true presence, connection and love? To wake up each day feeling calm and safe in your body. Safe to be yourself. Connected to yourself and others. Able to unapologetically give love and be loved by yourself and by others.


Well, you have come to the right place…

I have created the Awakened Woman Coaching Course for women and mothers:

  • Who feel that they were made for more but are unsure of what that ‘more’ is
  • Who feel unfulfilled and are missing purpose and direction
  • Who want to truly enjoy and be present in their motherhood journey
  • Who feel unsafe in their bodies and are unsure of how to feel their feelings
  • Who feel a lot of anger and resentment but are unsure of where this darkness comes from
  • Who knows exactly what THEY DON’T want, but have no idea what THEY DO want 
  • Who spend their days wanting to be someone else, doing something else, being somewhere else 
  • Who live in the “shoulds” 
  • Who feel worthless and not enough as they are 
  • That feel stuck and as if they’re living another ‘Groundhog Day’
  • Who focus on the “doing” rather than the “being”
  • Who on the outside “have it all” but still feel empty and alone
  • Who put themselves last and say YES when they really mean NO
  • Who give their voice and power away to others as they fear showing up as their true selves
  • Who abandons themselves by not honouring what they truly want and deserve in this life

Because I was once the woman above.

I have spent the last three years fumbling my way through my own awakening journey. I have gone to all the deepest and darkest parts of myself. I have done this for myself, to heal, grow and transform, I have done it for my family, but I have also done it for YOU.

I have had a burning desire to share this work with women and mothers who feel the way I once did. I want to support them through inner work so they can live their truest, happiest and most content lives, so they can share this with their families and those around them. Breaking generational cycles and patterns and passing on this new way of living to their children.

I live and breathe this work and I am so excited to finally be able to offer this pathway to women ready to take RADICAL RESPONSIBILITY for their lives, and to create the change needed to transform into the legendary Awakened Woman they are destined to be.


Understanding yourself on a much deeper level

Feeling safe to be yourself

Feeling safe in your body to feel all your feelings

A deeper connection and trust with yourself

A deeper connection with those around you

Feeling calmer and grounded

Being held accountable and being called out on your BS by Coach Courtney, (in the most loving way of course!)

Foundations of Inner Work

  • Building the foundations of Inner Work
  • Creating your BEST DAY EVER and being shown how to authentically live it and move towards it each day 
  • Getting crystal clear on what your values are and how to live in alignment with them EVERY SINGLE DAY
  • Being shown how to use simple tried and tested Inner Work tools to support you to move through life the way you want to - calm, present & grounded
  • Understanding your fears and beliefs and how they have been keeping you safe and stuck
  • How to free yourself from your monkey mind and overthinking
  • Supporting you to support yourself in living a more present, calm and content life


  • Six one on one fortnightly coaching sessions with Courtney via Zoom (60-90 minutes per session)
  • Access to weekly online course content to support your Inner Work journey 
  • 6 + video & audio files to watch and listen to, to build your Inner Work Foundations
  • Workbooks + worksheets with questions, prompts and exercises for deeper inquiry

On this free 45 minute discovery call we cut to the chase.

It’s kinda like a first date. I want to know about YOU and what makes you tick. 


Awaken all parts of yourself!

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